Rascal Flatts Reveals Plans After End of Farewell Life Is a Highway Tour

While Rascal Flatts might be hitting the road later on their farewell Life Is a Highway Tour, they don't plan on entirely stepping away from making music. The threesome — made up of Gary LeVox, Joe Don Rooney and Jay DeMarcus — share how they still plan on making music, although perhaps not in the way they have made it in the past.

"We make music, and that's what we do," DeMarcus shared on CBS This Morning. "We may do it again someday collectively. We're not going to sign some pact that says we're never going to tour again or anything like that. We all still love each other, but we do make music, and we'll probably make some music individually, collectively. Who knows what the future holds?"

It wasn't until the eve of the monumental announcement that the trio let their employees know, which was one of the hardest parts for them in the entire process.

"Some of them have been there since day one, so it was a very, very sad letter to send last night," DeMarcus conceded. "But we wanted to let them know that they have a year to prepare."

Rascal Flatts decided to launch their final tour, in part so they can finally take a break, after two decades of working non-stop.

"We haven't really had a break in 20 years," LeVox acknowledged. "We haven't had time to reflect. Our fans have given us so much. We've achieved so many milestones in our career."

"We're really saying thank you," Rooney added. "Thank you for all these years and all these memories we've stockpiled. It's our way of showing our appreciation and with a humble heart, just saying, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you."

The decision to walk away is at least somewhat because of the massive success the threesome has had over the years.

"You get to a certain part in your career where, we've been blessed to have so many hits, so many No. 1s, that you actually compete with yourself on radio," LeVox explained. "And it's tough, year after year, to outdo the tour that you've done, previously the year before. It's going to be nice to celebrate; we're going to take 12 months to celebrate our rear-ends off with the people that have given us their everything.

"We have four generations of people that come as families to our shows," he added. "So we're just going to be able to do that, and spend time with them and all of our fans across the world."


Photo Credit: Getty / Bob Levey