RaeLynn Opens Up About Message Behind 'Queens Don't'

RaeLynn's latest single, "Queens Don't," is rapidly climbing the charts. The song, from an upcoming new album, was written by RaeLynn, along with Corey Crowder and J. Hart.

"I love the song 'Queens Don't' so much, because it's a love letter to anybody," RaeLynn tells PopCulture.com. "I think a true person who has a heart of royalty is someone who cares about people and wants to see the best in people. I love the song so much, and all my ladies love it, and that means so much to me, especially with all the female empowerment right now. It's awesome."

The video shows the singer getting ready for a photo shoot – a real-life scenario that RaeLynn wanted to share with her fans.

"I wanted to do more of a video that shows me being involved in every aspect of my career, because I am," RaeLynn insists. "Even though I'm a very fun-loving person, and I love to crack jokes and stuff, I'm very business-minded with the way I want things to look, and the way I want to sound, everything that happens with my business and my music, so that's why I wanted the video to show both sides of it."

RaeLynn shot to fame in 2012 when she appeared on The Voice as a 17-year-old, kicking off her career, and her ongoing role as an employer.

"I think it's weird, the times when I have to make decisions like letting somebody go, or figuring out hard truths and stuff like that, because I'm 24, and I'm letting somebody go in my business," RaeLynn admits. "It's hard. That's where you're like, 'Oh my God, no. This is my business, I am the boss.' I think that's the part where it gets weird because of your age and everything. It's just kind of strange."

RaeLynn is spending a lot of time apart from her husband, Joshua Davis, who is enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces. But even when they aren't together, the couple have found a way to keep their romance alive.

"One of the sweetest moments of our marriage was when he was gone for fourteen weeks," RaeLynn recalls (quote via Billboard) "He wrote me a letter every single day he was gone. Every day. Even if he couldn't send it to me, he wrote one every day. It would make me cry because some of the pages that he would send me were literally three lines, and there was water … It was a crappy piece of paper, and that he was 'in the field' that day."


Find a list of all of RaeLynn's upcoming shows at her website. Download "Queens Don't" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Instagram/raelynnofficial