RaeLynn Reveals How She Keeps Romance Alive With Her Husband

RaeLynn might be far away from her husband, Joshua Davis, who is currently serving in the military, but their love is as strong as ever. The singer reveals that the couple, who tied the knot two years ago, stay connected in as many ways as possible, including old-fashioned letter-writing.

"One of the sweetest moments of our marriage was when he was gone for fourteen weeks," RaeLynn says (quote via Billboard). "He wrote me a letter every single day he was gone. Every day. Even if he couldn't send it to me, he wrote one every day. It would make me cry because some of the pages that he would send me were literally three lines, and there was water … It was a crappy piece of paper, and that he was 'in the field' that day."

"The ones that got me were the little tiny ones," she continues. "You knew that he didn't have time, but he still thought of me. That got me."

The 23-year-old says the fact that Davis takes the time to put pen to paper is a small act that means the world to her.

"It honestly makes so much of a difference," RaeLynn says. "They don't even teach cursive in school anymore. I want to pass on to my kids that there is something so thoughtful about a handwritten thank you. When you want to tell somebody that you love them, just write them a letter. I just think it's such a lost art, and it's so cool to know that I have close to a hundred letters that I can give to my kids one day, and my grandkids one day."

With RaeLynn on the road so much, including her current role as an opening act on the CMT Next Women of Country Tour, and her husband away from home, RaeLynn says she isn't in a hurry to expand their family anytime soon.

"It's so hard, and being on the road and stuff," she said. "Anytime I get baby fever, I just get a new puppy."


RaeLynn's latest single, "Queens Don't," was released on Friday, March 16. The song is from an upcoming new album. Download the single on iTunes.