Exclusive: Radio Romance Premiere New Single, 'Weekend'

Radio Romance, the hot new group made up of Sam Hayes, Josh Gramling, Adam Smithwick and Moises Padilla, is giving PopCulture.com readers an exclusive first listen to their new single, "Weekend."

Radio Romance's beginnings, playing honky tonks and local bars, is evident in the sound of their debut single, which is reminiscent of everything that is right with country music.

"To hear a song that we wrote lyrically, arranged musically, produced in the studio and performed live in hundreds of venues around the country, being played on the radio is literally a dream come true," Padilla tells PopCulture.com.

The song, which says, "Forget your worries, forget your problems / Raise 'em up tonight, we ain't got one / Yesterday is where it's gone to stay / And tomorrow's still a whole 'nother day away / So don't think about where you been / Or where you might be goin' / Tonight we ain't thinkin' / We're just drinkin' because it's the freakin' weekend," is the perfect song for Radio Romance to introduce themselves to country music, and even better to play live.

"The fan reaction to 'Weekend' has been amazing!" adds Smithwick. "We've been playing it for years and it has developed into our show closer every night on the road. The energy that they give off is always electric. It's a song that relates to a lot of people because it makes you want to cut loose and just sing along. Hearing our fans get rowdy and sing the lyrics back to us is one of the most amazing feelings in the world!"

The new tune shows off what makes Radio Romance unique – their playful attitude combined with the desire to make their live shows translate into their album.

"Recording 'Weekend' was a lot of fun," Gramling says. "The vocal intro was a last minute addition and it's something we've been doing live for years so we thought it would really set the tone of the song as a sing-a-long summer song. Having steel guitar on the track was icing on the cake."

The Nashville-based band will play CMA Fest this year for the first time, playing at the Breakout Stage.

"As a local band, CMA Fest is always a blast!" says Gramling. "It means a lot to us to be added to the Breakout Stage and Nash Country kick off with Midland this year. We can't wait to put on a show on these big stages for our friends and fans here in Nashville and hopefully leave with some new ones as well."

Download "Weekend" on iTunes.


Photo courtesy of BMLG