Pistol Annies Share Story Behind 'Stop, Drop and Roll One' From 'Interstate Gospel'

When Pistol Annies released their third studio album, Interstate Gospel this past November, they knew they were taking a few risks with their music, but they didn't care.

The trio, made up of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, included a song called "Stop, Drop and Roll One," which they admit was written when the women were already under the influence.

"It came from, we were all sitting around," Monroe recalled in a video Lambert shared on Facebook. "We all stayed in one apartment loft on Miranda's farm, when we were writing this record. I guess it was later in the evening. We probably all had some buzzes going on. We just finished a song, and Miranda goes, "Whew. We're on fire, I think.' And then she goes, 'Stop, Drop and Roll One.' So then we just started writing. We wrote it really fast. We were kind of collecting from stories, from us and our friends. We wanted it to be fun and funny."

"It's actual quotes, but with a melody," Lambert added.

Pistol Annies wrote all 14 songs on Interstate Gospel, although "Stop, Drop and Roll One" was not intentional.

"Stop, Drop and Roll' is so clever," Monroe boasted. "When [Lambert] said that, I didn't hear it the first time. We were writing. And then when you said it again. 'Stop, Drop and Roll One,' I was like, what? I had never heard that. I think it's very clever."

"It was an accidental co-write," Lambert explained. "It was just an accidental song."

Pistol Annies waited five years after the release of their sophomore Annie Up album to release Interstate Gospel. With so much time between the two records, the trio noticed a big change in how they wrote their music.

"[It's] a little more grown up than our other two albums," Pistol Annies said on social media of their latest set of tunes. "More mature, but still fun."

"Stop, Drop and Roll One" is only one of several songs on Interstate Gospel, including their current "Got My Name Changed Back" single, which shows how unafraid the women have become with their music.

"We've been playing hide and seek," Lambert told the Tennessean. "It's time to play truth or dare."

"In a nutshell," she continued, "this record is based around our stats, which are two husbands, two ex-husbands, two kids, one on the way, and 25 animals."

Interstate Gospel is available for purchase at PistolAnnies.com.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond