Pistol Annies Share Story Behind 'Got My Name Changed Back'

The Pistol Annies are releasing their third album, Interstate Gospel, on Nov. 2, and one of the [...]

The Pistol Annies are releasing their third album, Interstate Gospel, on Nov. 2, and one of the first songs the trio shared from the project was a twangy foot-stomper titled "Got My Name Changed Back" that will have you singing along in no time.

The track sees group member Miranda Lambert singing lead as she details the process of getting her name changed back after a presumed divorce.

"It takes a judge to get married, takes a judge to get divorced / Well the last couple years spent a lot of time in court," sings the star, who was previously married to Blake Shelton. "Got my name changed back / I got my name changed back."

Speaking to Storme Warren on SiriusXM's The Highway, Lambert and her bandmates Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley joked that the song was definitely not about one of the three members of the group.

"It wasn't about anyone in our band," they cracked. "It was really tough to write that song."

"I heard one time..." Lambert chimed in before explaining the inspiration behind the track.

"That song is fun," she said. "Between us, we've had two ex-husbands and there's two husbands — it's making light of some heavy stuff."

"Divorce is a big deal — going through life is not easy sometimes," she added. "The hardest things, you can wallow in it or you can laugh it off and move along, and that's kind of what we've done on this record, and this song in particular."

Like all the Annies' songs, "Got My Name Changed Back" was written by Lambert, Monroe and Presley.

Interstate Gospel is the group's first record together since 2013's Annie Up, and the trio explained to Warren why they decided to get back together now.

"We just know when it's time," Monroe explained. "I feel like we've all lived a lot of life in between Annie Up and this record, so when we get together and it's time, we have all of these stories and we have all of this life to draw from."

The group formed back in 2011 after Monroe and Lambert, who were already friends, called Presley up to see if she wanted to form a trio.

"Me and Miranda were just sitting at her house and I felt it in my heart, I needed to play her Angaleena's music," Monroe shared, explaining that she had been a fan of Presley and had written with her a few times. So she played Lambert some songs from Presley's MySpace page, and the two listened to Presley's music for the weekend.

"At the end of that, we called her and we're like, 'You want to be in a band?'" Lambert recalled. "She's like, 'Are y'all high?' and we're like, 'Maybe, but do you want to be in a band?'"

Photo Credit: Getty / Rick Diamond