Nashville Tornado: Dierks Bentley Flew Dangerously Close to Storm, Reveals Drummer Lost His House

The Nashville tornado gave Dierks Bentley a night he will never forget. The singer posted a video on social media of his view from the plane he was flying, revealing the terrifying storm, which later turned into the deadly twister. Although Bentley was unharmed, he reveals his drummer's house was destroyed in the tornado.

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"[Austin Stephens] and I ducked around this crazy cell and landed at John Tune airport around 11:30 last night, coming back from LA. Glad we landed when we did. Wouldn’t have been so good an hour later. It was the cell that turned into the tornado. Lot of people lost their homes, including our drummer, and a lot of people in need. But no one comes together as a city like [Nashville] does."

The Nashville airport where Bentley landed suffered heavy damage only a short time later. Local news station WKRN showed part of the destruction after the storm passed.

So far at least 21 fatalities have been confirmed due to the tornado, with more than 40 buildings and houses destroyed, including the popular music venue The Basement East.

"There's a really good possibility that there may be more," Nashville governor Bill Lee said, according to the Tennessean. "It's early yet."

Reba McEntire spoke out about the devastation, acknowledging her heart was shattered by the news.

"My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the Nashville area affected by the tornado last night," McEntire said on social media. "Even if the tornado didn’t hit our personal space, we are all affected because we are Nashvillians. My heart hurts for Nashville this morning."

"Oh Nashville," Kelsea Ballerini tweeted. "Broken heart very sad morning. how do we start to help? point me in the right direction and let’s start helping and healing."


Bentley is working on his solo career, as well as his '90s band, Hot Country Knights. His next scheduled show isn't until March 15, when he will perform at the Houston Rodeo.

Photo Credit: Getty / Daniel Boczarski