Morgan Wallen Co-Signs Tweet Bashing NAACP President's 'Agenda'

Morgan Wallen recently seemed to co-sign a tweet that bashed NAACP president for having an "agenda," following the country singer's racist slur controversy earlier this year. Wallen sat down for an interview about the incident with GMA, last month and, in response, Nashville NAACP President Sheryl Guinn spoke with TMZ. "She says it's a travesty Morgan never thought about the meaning behind the hateful word," the outlet wrote of its conversation with Guinn.

In a tweet, a Twitter user commented, "It's only a travesty because she wants him to push her agenda." Of the nine "likes" that tweet currently has, Wallen's account is one of them, seemingly indicating that he supports this notion. Someone else tweeted, "Truth is the NAACP wants MW to be their slave," to which country singer Cassadee Pope replied, "Probably not the best word to use in reference to this whole conversation."

Wallen remained mostly out of the picture for a few months after being caught on camera using a racial slur but, eventually, reemerged, turning up at Kid Rock's Nashville bar to perform two songs in May. He also issued a public statement posted to his Instagram, writing in part, "I wanted to let you guys know that I've taken a couple months away and feel like I've really worked on myself. I'm proud of the work I've put in, and in many ways thankful to have had the time to do it. I've needed this time off."

Wallen's fellow country singer and friend Chase Rice spoke exclusively with, offering an update on how Wallen had been doing. "He's good! Speaking of putting in work, he's put in a lot of work himself," Rice said. "I've hung with him quite a few times now and he seems to be in a lot better place. I don't know what exactly he did, those are the details that he can tell if he wants to, but he seems to be in a good place."


Rice clarified that Wallen is aware of "what he did wrong" but asserts that he's seen the singer make big changes. "Morgan absolutely knows what he did wrong [...] he knows that, he's not dumb," Rice stated. "He put in the work and got it fixed. So I'm happy for where he is, I'm happy for what's about to happen, I'm happy for the success he's had."