Morgan Evans Reveals What 'Works Really Well' in His Marriage to Kelsea Ballerini

Morgan Evans might be married to a fellow country singer, Kelsea Ballerini, but there isn't any competition between the two stars. The "Day Drunk" singer insists he is happy for every success Ballerini has, even if she might be further along in her career than he is right now.

"It's definitely not competition 'cause I feel like we're both in country music but not in the same world," Evans shared with at a recent media event. "It's really inspiring and easy to be a fan and a supporter and I think that's one of the things that really works well for us.

"We're also each other's biggest critics, by the way," he continued. "When I bring home a song like 'Kiss Somebody,' and she digs it, it's like, it must be good because I think the other way is something like, 'Ooh yes, it's not my favorite.' I know that's one to probably never play again ... I couldn't be happier for every success she has."

Evans is officially married to a Grammy Awards nominee, with Ballerini's latest Unapologetically nominated for Best Country Album.

"That was an awesome day," Evans recalled of finding out she was nominated. "It was so cool to see that album be recognized as an album. I was with her the whole time creating that, and I knew the whole underlying, creative story and message that album was about and how those songs all told that.

"I just thought that was so impressive and great in an album," he added. "That recognition was awesome and yes, I wouldn't miss it for the world. I'm finishing a show in D.C., the night before and getting on the earliest flight to L.A. to be there and cheer when they say her name."

The Australian native admits he can bring out a wild side in Ballerini, who has joined him in several of his favorite outdoor activities, by bribing her with her favorite treat at the end.

"I love getting outside and doing activities or whatever, whether it be surfing or riding bikes," Evans said. "She does too. I don't feel like I'm ever forcing. I'm never forcing her to do anything; she just won't do it. It's awesome. It's awesome we get to share both sides of life, all the sides of life together. But if there's wine at the end, that does help my cause."


Evans is currently on the road with Old Dominion, and will then join Dan + Shay on tour this spring. Find dates on his website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Jeff Kravitz