Morgan Evans' 'Kiss Somebody' Becomes Validation For Following His Dreams

Morgan Evans recently earned his first No. 1 single, with "Kiss Somebody." The success of the song, from his recently-released self-titled EP, validated Evans' decision to leave his native Australia to pursue his passion for country music in Nashville.

"When the email came through on Monday afternoon, and I actually got to see it on the chart, that's kind of when it sank in," Evans tells of finding out he had a chart-topping hit. "It's overwhelming. For me, it's like a feeling of acceptance. I feel like I'm accepted into this community, and into the country music community in America. For a guy from the other side of the world, it's a pretty incredible feeling."

Evans moved to Nashville from Down Under in 2015 – a gamble he wasn't sure would pay off. So to have a song he wrote become the top song in the country has not only professional significance for Evans, but personal as well.

"You always dream of it," Evans says. "If you've ever been to Australia, you feel a long way away from here. And that's where I grew up playing music. The idea of coming to Nashville, it's anyone involved in country music's dream. But it's so far away, you don't know anyone, and all those kinds of things. Over the years you start to know people, and the more you find out, the harder it is.

"So, it's definitely a dream that never went away at any point, but it's one that you almost don't dare to think about too closely," continues the singer. "But now that it's here, it's the best feeling that I can possibly say. And probably the first time in my life and career that I've been able to stop and be like, 'This is awesome.' I'm going to love it all week."

Evans spent part of 2018 on the road with Chris Young, and will return to Young's Losing Sleep World Tour this fall, introducing his music to more and more fans as Young sells out venues across the country – absorbing as much as he can along the way.

"[I'll take] plenty of notes," Evans says. "I actually know those guys now. They're actually friends of mine, so it's going to be cool to spend the rest of the year with people I really like."

Young will be joined by Dan + Shay on the road this fall as well. Find a list of all of Evans' upcoming shows at MorganEvansMusic.


Download "Kiss Somebody" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Mat Hayward