Morgan Evans: Kelsea Ballerini Makes Marriage the 'Best Thing in the World'

Morgan Evans and Kelsea Ballerini have been married a little over a year, and their love is still as strong as ever. The Australia native, who like his wife, has spent much of their marriage on the road, is still as smitten with Ballerini as the day they tied the knot – maybe more.

"Married life's great," Evans boasted to "Really good. This year's been amazing actually. For some reason, schedule-wise, we've both been flat out by something. It lined up to where we've been home at the same time. I've been able to see a bunch of her shows. She's been out to see a bunch of mine. Yeah. It's great."

The couple often professes their love on social media, sharing photos of the two of them together, but Evans insists none of it is for show.

"We don't just do it for Instagram," Evans maintained. "It's a real thing. It's an amazing thing. When you find the right person, marriage is the best thing in the world."

Ballerini just wrapped up her run with Kelly Clarkson, serving as the opening act on Clarkson's The Meaning of Life Tour, and will soon kick off her own Miss Me More Tour. Meanwhile, Evans will also spend the remainder of 2019 on the road, meaning the husband and wife will likely soon log plenty of air miles.

"I'm going out with Rascal Flatts in a couple weeks for my first ever summer tour, in America," Evans said. "So, I'm super excited about that, and excited to be doing it with them, because they've been doing it at that level for so long. With the single, 'Day Drunk' at the moment I feel like it's the right time of the year to be singing that at those venues."

Evans has already opened for several big artists, but it's the Flatts that Evans is eager and ready to learn from, as he gets ready to soon headline his own tour.

"What I respect most about an artist is how they carry themselves off stage, and how they look after their people, and how their people look after them, and how their people look after the artists that are on the road with them too," Evans explained. "I feel like I've had a really great run with Old Dominion, and Dan + Shay and Chris Young before that, and made so many friends in those camps. I'm looking forward to seeing how Rascal Flatts do all that."

The 33-year-old revealed he will then hit the road for his own shows, taking his music overseas.

"We're starting in September," Evans revealed. "We're starting in the U.K. and Europe, and we're going to be announcing a bunch more dates all over the world, a little bit later on in the year."

Evans also hints that someday he and Ballerini will likely hit the road together for a joint tour as well.

"I'm sure it will happen eventually, one day," he promised. "Not this year."

Find a list of all of Evans' upcoming shows by visiting his website.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Rick Diamond