Miranda Lambert Reveals the Tattoo Promise She Made for 'Bluebird'

Miranda Lambert's single "Bluebird" is currently at No. 3 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart, which means the singer might soon be adding another tattoo to her roster. Lambert wrote "Bluebird" in early 2019 with Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby, and she told Taste of Country Nights that should the song go to No. 1, they'll be celebrating in a unique way.

"Luke made me promise when we were writing it that if we get a number one we'd have to get a bluebird tattoo," she shared. "So this morning, he's sending me drawings and I was like, 'Oh my God, he really means it.'" Lambert currently has at least eight tattoos and mused that she doesn't know where she'll put her new addition because "my arms are getting pretty full already."

Should "Bluebird" make it to No. 1, it would give Lambert her first trip to the top of the chart since 2012, when she earned a No. 1 with "Over You." "We knew we had a special one when we were writing that song. Definitely gonna sit on a porch somewhere with them," she said. "It's been six years since I've had a hit like this and I'm a little bit sad we can't celebrate in a bigger way, but there will be a time for that."

Lambert has performed "Bluebird" for several television specials during the coronavirus pandemic, but she noted that she has not been "writing novels or songs or getting on a fitness kick" during her time in quarantine. "None of the things you're supposed to do," she laughed. "I have been seeing my family a lot and friends that come to the farm and we hang out. I've gotten to have good quality time and not rushed time with people... It's different for me to just be at home."

Along with family, friends and her many animals, Lambert has also spent plenty of time with husband Brendan McLoughlin, who she's learned even more about during quarantine. "He loves to clean, and I knew that but it has really come in handy," the Texas native revealed. "Because we're home and that's what we do, like everybody else. The whole routine: make a meal, clean it up, make a meal, clean it up. We've had fun." Lambert added, "We're pretty much newlyweds since we've only been married a year and a half, but we’ve already survived a pandemic so I think we’re golden."