Miranda Lambert Praises Fans Who Supported Her MuttNation Foundation on Tour

Miranda Lambert is praising her fans who supported her MuttNation Foundation charity during her recent co-headlining The Bandwagon Tour. The singer-songwriter received unprecedented amounts of dog food, toys, supplies, treats and monetary donations, via her Fill the Little Red Wagon initiative, which was available at every tour stop.

"My fans always amaze me with their compassion and generosity," Lambert says in a statement. "Knowing so many of us share this love for shelter pets adds another special connection between us and when I get to hear some of the fans' stories about their rescues, it always touches my heart."

At a recent stop in Houston, fans' donations filled Corridor Rescue in Houston.

"It was a huge blessing for us to get the exposure and all of the donations from Miranda's generous fans," says Corridor Rescue employee Catherine Hoffman.

Houston wasn't the only city where the local shelter was overwhelmed by fans' generosity. At Animal Friends in Houston, the shelter received more than 350 lbs. of dog food, more than 75 lbs. of treats, and numerous other items.

The 35-year-old is as passionate about her Muttnation charity as she is about her music.

"Music and mutts are my two passions," Lambert tells Parade. "So using music to raise money for these animals is pretty amazing."

More than just seeking donations, Lambert, who donated $189,000 to shelters in every state earlier this year, is an outspoken advocate to encourage animal adoption with anyone she encounters.

(Photo: Instagram/mirandalambert)

"I always encourage people to adopt instead of shop [at pet stores]," says Lambert, who owns eight rescue dogs. "So many homeless dogs are getting overlooked because of breeders ... I'm a pretty great matchmaker, I have to say. I tell them, 'There's always room for one more.'"

Lambert and Little Big Town wrapped up their co-headlining The Bandwagon Tour on Saturday, August 25 in Chicago, and Lambert, who recently split from Turnpike Troubadours singer Evan Felker, is focusing on releasing the latest Pistol Annies record.

"Sometimes the music is so honest that it's like, 'Oh, that kind of hurts a little,'" Lambert tells Nashville's Tennessean of the upcoming project. "But, it's good. We just want women to understand that we're all doing the same thing. We're all just living our lives and having the same struggles and the same joys and the same outlooks."

"We can say a little bit more than we would be willing to alone because it is all of our story," she adds. "And, we can blame it on the other one, too."

To donate to Lambert's MuttNation Foundation, visit the charity's website.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond