Miranda Lambert Praised by Tour Opener, Caylee Hammack: 'She's a Saint' (Exclusive)

Rising star Caylee Hammack earned one of the most coveted spots on the road, when she was invited to open for Miranda Lambert for part of Lambert's Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour. For Hammack, she learned as much by watching how Lambert conducted herself off the road, as she learned by watching Lambert on stage.

"Miranda, she's a saint man," Hammack told PopCulture.com. "She's a saint that likes to have fun. The way she was able to bring us all in, make us feel like little sisters and just be there for us. She took the time to hang out with us after shows and get to know us. She makes sure that there's always a place backstage for everyone, all of the teams and camps to congregate and just get together and have a drink at the end of the night to celebrate a good show.

"I think it's really important," she added. "Community is so vital on the road, and Miranda knows how to build a good community, good people around her."

Lambert was just one of several artists in 2019 who saw the talent in Hammack and invited her to serve as their opening act.

"2019 I started on the road with LANCO, then opened up for Chris Young some, Brothers Osborne, Miranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley, just got off the road with Trisha Yearwood," Hammack recalled. "I'm about to go on her show, her cooking show. And it's just, it's weird. You don't think anything like this will ever happen in your life, and when you get to open up for someone you never thought you'd even get to shake hands with. It's a beautiful moment, and you just kind of hope that you're able to retain it all, and the adrenaline rush it is to open up for some of these people."

Hammack's debut single, "Family Tree," is climbing the charts. The song is based on Hammack's own unique family, although she clarifies that the song isn't entirely autobiographical, at least according to one of her family members.

"It's as much of a love song I could write to my family without lying and saying that we're normal," said Hammack. "So the only sibling that isn't actually written into the song was my brother 'cause he's so normal. I told him I would write a song for him later on. It just kind of shows the quirkiness and the craziness of a family full of characters and it also shows the deep appreciation you have for each other. Family's everything. So getting to go out into the world and have this as my first single, it's a really big deal for me."


"My mom was a little mad," she continued. "She said that she has always fried chicken to perfection. She's never burned it, as I say in the song. So my mother was not that happy but other than that – she just makes me disclaim on stage that she's never burned chicken in her life. Connie Hammack has never burned chicken."

Photo Credit: Getty / Frazer Harrison