Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Covers Adoption Fees for Nashville Animal Shelter

Miranda Lambert's MuttNation is helping one Nashville animal shelter by covering their adoption fees. The "It All Comes Out in the Wash" singer shared the story on social media, urging fans to help the shelter by adopting an animal in need.

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"[Metro Animal Care and Control] needs y’alls help! They’re at capacity and need to create space, so [MuttNation] is covering adoption fees next Saturday! I fell in love with all of their fur babies when I visited a few months ago and you will too!" Lambert wrote, using the hashtags #wildcard and #loveashelterpet."

Lambert, who has her own menagerie of animals on her farm located just outside of Nashville, recently adopted two rabbits from MACC, Frida and Selena. The Texas native hopes she can inspire others to adopt animals from their local shelters as well.

"I'm not asking everyone out there to pick up any stray that you find on the street," Lambert shared with PopCulture.com. "That is dangerous. I do it, but I wouldn't recommend it. But I feel like you really should bring the dog home for a few days ... Sometimes people get excited and they take a dog home and they realize it's too much or it's too big or they're scaring their kids or whatever it is. So I think you have to spend time with it before you make that final commitment."

At Lambert's current Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour, as well as her upcoming Wildcard Tour, she will once again have the Fill the Red Wagon campaign, which helps local shelters in each city where she plays.

"We have our hand in everything," Lambert said. "The Fill the Red Wagon is at the shows in the markets that I play in. People bring supplies for shelters, donations of any kind, dog food, blankets, toys. And it's really cool because it benefits the local shelter in that town and I get to meet the shelter people. People are always like, 'How can I help if I can't donate?' Basically it's getting involved in your local shelters in your own community.

"Volunteering your time is priceless, really," she continued. "Giving the dogs human contact time really increases their chances of adoption."


To find out more about how to help local shelters, visit MuttNation.com.

Photo Credit: Getty / Rick Diamond