Miranda Lambert Introduces Fans to Her Chickens Including Pearl Haggard and MarHen Morris

Miranda Lambert is getting punny when it comes to the names of her chickens, who she recently introduced to fans in a pair of videos on TikTok. In late May, Lambert used the platform to show off her numerous chickens, who are all residents of a chicken coop she named Coop DeVille. Each chicken's name is inspired by a celebrity, almost all of whom are country music artists including Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and Chris Stapleton.

"Hi guys," Lambert says in her first clip as she brings the camera close to the chicks, who are sitting together in a bright blue coop. "What are you doing in your new house?" As she pans the camera over the tiny birds, the first group of names appears on screen and includes Donna Henley, Betty Cocker, MarHen Morris, Pearl Haggard, Willie Nelshen, Chick Jagger, Tanya Clucker and Martina McFried. The second clip featured the same footage and audio with the first along with a wide shot of the coop, which is painted which with a blue door and reads "I'm for the birds." The second group of chicks included Hennifer Lopez, Dolly Part-Hen, Chickira, Chrishen Stapleton, Betty White Meat and Lori Morghen.


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Along with her chickens, Lambert's farm in Tennessee is home to a number of animals including dogs, cats and bunny rabbits. In another TikTok video, Lambert shared her dogs' names, posting photos of each pup and introducing fans to Delta, Cher, Bellamy, Jessi, Waylon, Thelma, Louise and JD. The singer's husband Brendan McLoughlin has also made multiple appearances including a compilation video of all the times Lambert has caught her husband doing chores shirtless around the house and another clip of the former NYPD officer dancing to his wife's song "White Trash" in the middle of a grilling session.


The couple recently completed a camping trip to New York to visit family, which Lambert called "a nice change of pace" in an Instagram post. "Something about the highway is calming, and at the same time keeps you completely focused," she reflected. "I like to drive a lot because most of my adult life I've been driven around on a tour bus to play music." The Texas native shared that her husband drives as well and "is the best navigator," and the two can set up camp in under 10 minutes. "Took a few times but we worked out the kinks," she wrote. "One of my favorite things on this trip was making dads classic recipe 'campfire casserole' in our Dutch Oven on the camp fire coals! Of course we had to face time Rick Lambert to make sure we knew the tricks of the trade, but Brendan has cooking anything in this cast iron down to an art now."