Midland's Mark Wystrach Reveals Wife and Baby Almost Died in Childbirth

Midland's lead singer, Mark Wystrach, is opening up about the terrifying moments when his wife, [...]

Midland's lead singer, Mark Wystrach, is opening up about the terrifying moments when his wife, Tyler, and his newborn daughter, Sundance, almost lost their lives when Tyler was in labor. The couple welcomed their daughter, who they are calling Sunny, in November, although the delivery definitely didn't go as expected.

"We had a really scary, unexpected, emergency C-section that we had a fetal to maternal hemorrhage, and we lost the baby's heartbeat and my wife, Tyler's, vitals were crashing," Wystrach recalled to the band's record label. "It was the scariest moment, the worst moment, and in a weird way, the best moment of your life, because you're kind of experiencing all of that."

Thankfully, both mom and baby are now OK, although it was definitely touch and go for a little bit.

"It scared me," Wystrach stated. "When you almost lose your wife and your kid and then you don't, and you're surrounded by your family and your friends and your community, it kind of rearranges your priorities and makes you throw up a bunch and kind of checks your ego back. It's hard to say that, but because of that experience and we got really lucky, it's weird how life ends up being a gift, because it teaches you the greatest lesson, that this life is a gift and you can't take it for granted."

Wystrach also opened up about the terrifying experience on social media, after both mother and child were given a clean bill of health, sharing the first photo of his newborn daughter.

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"Sundance 'Sunny' Leon came into this world with a bang! It's been a wild and unexpected week in the hospital, but we are doing great!" Wystrach shared on Instagram. "So grateful for our amazing doctors and nurses who have taken the best care of us and to our friends and family for all the love, prayers and support! The power of love and positivity is a real thing! Lil Baby Sunny is strong, beautiful and an absolute joy! We've gotten a clean bill of health and we're going home tomorrow."

Midland is currently on their Let It Roll Tour, and will join Tim McGraw on his Here on Earth Tour later this year. Find dates on the band's website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Brian Babineau