Michael Ray Speaks out About Carly Pearce's Duet with Lee Brice, 'I Hope You're Happy Now'

Michael Ray is speaking out about the heartbreaking duet, 'I Hope You're Happy Now,' between his [...]

Michael Ray is speaking out about the heartbreaking duet, "I Hope You're Happy Now," between his future bride, Carly Pearce, and Lee Brice. The song, which was released on Friday, Sept. 27, was written about a relationship she ended when she started having feelings for Ray, and is earning high praise from her current love.

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"So proud of you [Carly Pearce]," Ray began. "You're one of the most incredible artists in our genre, your voice is so pure and angelic ( I'm not just saying that cause I am marrying ya either..) I love your honesty and vulnerability. Y'all go grab her new single with [Lee Brice] and spread the word."

Pearce praised Ray for his support, as the couple's wedding is expected to take place in the near future.

"I love you so much, honey," Pearce wrote. "Thank you for always being my safe place and biggest fan!"

Pearce wrote "I Hope You're Happy Now" with Luke Combs, Jonathan Singleton and Randy Montana, trying to recapture some of the magic in the songs that made her fall in love with country music in the first place.

"When Luke and I were in there, I was like, 'Gosh – remember Reba [McEntire] and Brooks & Dunn, Tim [McGraw] and Faith [Hill], all those songs that just wrecked me back then?'" Pearce told PopCulture.com and other media. "I wanted one of those. I wanted one of those showstopper moments that is a true duet, that makes you hurt."

"These are the types of songs – the sonic sound, the way it's sung, the duet thing – that made me fall in love with country music," she added. "It's that timeless sound that I love, and I just thought it was really important for me to make sure that was what I came with [on this next single]."

Pearce is proud to have "I Hope You're Happy Now" out, especially since it forced her to be honest in a way she hadn't been before.

"Music is truly therapy – One of the most vulnerable stories I've shared is finally out," Pearce wrote on Instagram. "I think we've all been on one side of this kind of heartbreak. Thank you [Lee Brice] for singing the CRAP outta this. I hope y'all love it."

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