Michael Ray Opens up About 'Real' Relationship With Carly Pearce

Michael Ray and Carly Pearce went public with their relationship in July, and continue to share their romance all over social media. While many celebrities choose to keep their private lives out of the spotlight, Ray has no problem letting their fans in on their love affair.

"It was never something that we wanted to hide, 'cause it's a very real thing," Ray told PopCulture.com. "We wanted to take the time together before you open it out to the world, and not in a way of, let's see if this works, 'cause it was an instant thing. It was more of a, let's get to know each other, just you and I, better, before we release it to everybody else. And it was important to both of us."

"We're both very honest on our Instagrams," he continued. "We're both very real in our interviews and with our fans. We wanted them to hear it from us, not from an outside source, not from anywhere to make it seem anything other than what it is, and that's very real."

2018 has been a big year for Ray, and not just because of Pearce. The 30-year-old released his sophomore Amos album, and hit the road with Old Dominion on their Happy Endings Tour.

"The record is out," Ray said. "And it's been incredible. Being able to have this record, be on the second single, 'One That Got Away,' Top 25 right now. And being out with Old Dominion on this tour, and ending the year with those guys and having my first opportunity to be direct support in an arena setting, not only with a band but with a band that – I love those guys. They've treated me like a little brother."

"They've helped me out so much in songs and in just my career and watching their show," he continued. "I feel very lucky to not only just be a part of country music, [because] this is what I've dreamed of my whole life, but to be able to be on a tour and they give me the opportunity to kick the show off for them. It's been awesome."

Ray hints that even though 2018 was big, 2019 will be even bigger.


"We're definitely gonna be doing a headlining tour at some point, and we're tightening up some loose ends on some other things," hinted Ray. "Hopefully, we'll be able to announce soon."

Photo Credit: Getty images/Jason Davis