Michael Ray Is Grateful to Have Lived Story Behind 'Her World or Mine'

Michael Ray's current single, "Her World or Mine," from his latest Amos album, is about mourning a lost romance, while the other person is moving on. The song's message is one Ray is grateful he experienced, and even more grateful that he is not living in that reality anymore.

"I think with 'Her World or Mine,' it's not a direct reflection of where I am now in my life, obviously, but it is a reflection of where I was at one point," Ray told PopCulture.com. "I feel like we've all been in both those worlds where it's your decision, whether you're the one left picking up what's left of something you didn't think was gonna go away. Either way, sometimes it's kind of hard to see the light."

Ray is now of course engaged to Carly Pearce, proving that even the most broken hearts can still find a happy ending.

"I think that a song finds it's way, and a song finds the right time," said Ray. "I believe that the fact that I get to release this song, with this message, at this point in my life, I hope that it's gonna reach somebody that's going through that situation where they don't see any hope, they don't see any light. I hope that they can hopefully hear my story, and Carly's story, in this song and go, 'You know what? Tomorrow is a new day.'

"You don't know what, or who, it's gonna bring and completely change your life, and make everything make sense that led up to it," he added. "It's my favorite song on the record and I'm just excited that it's finally out for the world to hear."

Amos has been out for a little over a year, which means that the Florida native is back in the studio working on another record.

"We're starting now," Ray revealed. "I've been writing for the last couple months and then listening to a lot of songs, and we got a couple song meetings then we're gonna go in the studio and start getting ready for album number three."

Ray didn't write any of the songs on Amos, but hints his next set of tunes might have at least a few songs that he helped write.

"We're on the road so much, and this year we've done a lot of flying, been to a lot of places that were on the West Coast, so it's been kind of tough to write as much as normal, but I feel like this time I've fallen back in love with writing songs," said Ray. "I never really fell out of love with it, but I feel like now I'm just at a place in my life where I feel real centered and I know what I want to say and I feel more confident. I think that has caused me to find what I was missing earlier on in writing, and I think I got a lot to write about, and a lot to say right now.

"I just try to write as much as I can and write the best songs that I can," he continued. "When it's time for me to make an album I go in, I take my songs, I take outside songs, and to me the best song wins. If I write it, fantastic, but there's some men and women that are writing songs everyday that pitch, and they have a way of words that just hits you right in the heart and puts you right where you wanna say. So I just try to make the best album that I can."


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Photo Credit: Getty Images/David Becker