Michael Ray and Carly Pearce Embark on Long-Awaited Jamaican Honeymoon

With their busy touring schedules, Michael Ray and Carly Pearce decided to postpone their [...]

With their busy touring schedules, Michael Ray and Carly Pearce decided to postpone their honeymoon until the craziness of their careers died down. The two finally embarked on their long-awaited honeymoon to Jamaica, where they are thinking about everything but work.

"2 days into the honeymoon and I've realized that day drinking and hanging by the ocean just come natural to me," Ray tweeted.

Later, Ray hinted that he would carry at least some of their island getaway with him into the new year.

"Kevin 'our guy' here just said, 'It's Jamaica mon, we never have bad days, just situations and we take care of them and move on,'" Ray tweeted. "Just like that I found my 2020 motto..."

Pearce previously revealed they planned on splurging for their honeymoon, which is taking place around the one-year anniversary of their engagement.

"All I've ever wanted to do is go in one of those bungalows," Pearce previously shared with PopCulture.com and other media. "They just look amazing to me and they're, like, private and awesome and sexy, and we finally get to go after we finish for December and I'll get to experience it. So check back with me, I'll let you know about it."

Ray booked their honeymoon as a gift for Pearce, surprising the Kentucky native.

"For my birthday, Michael went ahead and booked it, so I was very excited about my birthday present," Pearce told PopCulture.com. "It's definitely, definitely, definitely beach. Beach, beach, beach."

Pearce wasn't initially sure if the newlyweds would share pictures on social media of their honeymoon, or if they would wait until they returned. With likely several more days of their vacation to go, chances are a post or two might still pop up.

"I feel like he and I are so into social media, we might," she said. "But, there's also a chance I feel like we may just both make each other not and wait until after."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz