Maren Morris Shares Update on New Album

Maren Morris is currently working on new music, and according to her husband Ryan Hurd, it's going to be good. Speaking to Kelleigh Bannen on Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen on Apple Music Country, Hurd and Morris discussed her upcoming release, which has not yet been announced.

"Obviously, we're all excited about her next album, whenever that is," Hurd said. "I'm the only one who's heard all the songs, so I'm proud of that. I don't know, I am constantly, don't listen too closely, I am always amazed at how good Maren is. She's my favorite songwriter and honestly, has just a world-class voice. It is very humbling to be a songwriter and to think that some days you're really good, and then come home and realize like, 'Damn, that was nowhere near as good as what she did today.' So I'm excited to watch her get to formulate and put together her new record."

Morris' last album was 2019's GIRL, which won Album of the Year at the CMA Awards in November. In October, she released her song "Better Than We Found It," a powerful statement addressing injustice and encouraging listeners to think about the mark they will leave. The Texas native recently canceled her RSVP: The Tour due to the pandemic and is now preparing to record her next project on a trip with Hurd and their son, Hayes, who will turn 1 year old in March.

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"Ryan and I are about to go on a big, writing, recording trip together- I've never gotten away to write, this is the first time we're going away and trying to do something creative, but we're bringing our baby with us and that's kind of it," she shared. "It's kind of weird to not have a tour for the year, because that's what we base our entire year around. So it's scary and a little liberating to not have that to carve around, but it's also been nice songwriting-wise because it's like, there's literally nothing you're writing too. You just have like no timeline. So I've enjoyed that a little bit. And we're also getting a ton of time home with our baby and he's about to have his first birthday in a couple months. So that's crazy."

The duo also recently released their first duet, "Chasing After You," and Hurd called working together "really natural." "There's moments that are hard to be a creative partnership and actually have a life together," he said. "That's it, there are moments where that Venn diagram is awkward, but I think for the most part we do this together, we always have."