Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris Release Their First Duet, 'Chasing After You'

Married couple Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris have worked together multiple times before, writing [...]

Married couple Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris have worked together multiple times before, writing songs together and, in the case of Morris, adding backing vocals on the other's songs. On Friday, Feb. 12, the pair released their first official duet, sharing their new song "Chasing After You." The song was written by Brinley Addington and Jerry Flowers and produced by Teddy Reimer and Aaron Eshuis and is about a pair of lovers who keep going back to each other.

"I know, yeah I know it's a matter of time / 'Til you walk, 'til you walk back out of my life," Hurd and Morris sing in the chorus. "Leave me standing here lonely / Feeling like a fool / Every time, every time you say we're done / You come back to the love you were running from / Don't know why, don't know why I let you, but I do / 'Cause I love chasing after you."

"The song is actually pretty famous on music row," Hurd told Kelleigh Bannen on Today's Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen on Apple Music Country. "The demo made it through the rounds and a lot of people held it. And so I felt really blessed when it kind of fell to me a couple of years ago. And we recorded a different version of it, but we wanted one that was a little more current and something that fit our sound a little bit better now. And it's gone through a couple of versions, it really has. And I remember we were on a beach in the Cayman Islands, I think it was the first trip we ever took together, and Maren was like, 'I want to sing on that song with you.' So this is years in the making."

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After the song premiered, Morris shared a photo with her husband on social media and wrote, "I love you, our son & our song. Tabasco is maybe 4th but it's too much to narrow down on a Friday. Cheers to our first real duet."

Hurd added to Bannen that collaborating with his wife professionally has been "really natural." "I think that that's the best part about it, is that it's been such a seamless... There's moments that are hard to be a creative partnership and actually have a life together," he said. "That's it, there are moments where that Venn diagram is awkward, but I think for the most part we do this together, we always have. And then I do Maren's career with her, just as much as she does mine with me. And so I think if you have that perspective, the timing stuff sort of figures itself out."