Maren Morris Reveals Sophomore Album to Lucky London Fans

Twenty-five lucky fans in London were among the first to hear Maren Morris's upcoming, [...]

Twenty-five lucky fans in London were among the first to hear Maren Morris's upcoming, still-untitled sophomore album. The 28-year-old shared the news on social media.

"Last night I rented a flat and got to share several songs from my 2nd record with 25 fans in London," Morris shared. "We got to talk about my inspiration behind each song, their favorites, + eat hot chicken. Suffice it to say, we're all stoked."

Although Morris doesn't share any of the tracks on the new record, she does say she is already excited about the fans' reaction to the tunes.

"I feel relief, because I have already obviously made up my mind about all these songs – and that took enough," she said. "And it took even longer to record them and mix them. But to have innocent ears in complete purity listen to them, without any politics involved or publishers or whatever, that was like the first time just pure fans were listening to those songs, for the first time."

Although Morris has kept many of the details of her second record to herself, at least for now, she does promise that the project will reflect her relationship with her husband, Ryan Hurd.

"I've been in this amazing relationship and I got married in the time that I've written and started recording this album," Morris told Country Living. "The new record, it has a lot of love in it. I don't shy away from topics [like love], so I'm really excited for people to hear it."

Morris met Hurd in a songwriting session, which is why she values what Hurd thinks about every song she records.

"I really trust his opinion, especially if I have a new song that maybe we didn't write together, I always play him the mix the second I get it back, because I really trust his ear," she explained. "I love that we're such different artists … But he's always been my biggest fan when it comes to my music and vice versa."

Morris has evolved a lot since Hero came out in 2016, and she's anxious to share that growth with her fans.

"I recorded my debut album when I was 24; I'm 28 now," Morris told Rolling Stone. "Doesn't feel like that long ago, but a lot has happened in that chunk of time. I'm in a healthier headspace; I'm less judgmental of myself … Keith Urban has actually given me a lot of great advice. He's like, "This is a snapshot of your life. It's like a yearbook, so don't overthink your second album. It's just songs that reflect those years of time and then you move on and you make another album."

Photo Credit: Getty images/Jeff Kravitz