Maren Morris Reveals How Ryan Hurd Inspired Her Current Single, 'The Bones'

Maren Morris' latest single, 'The Bones,' is her second song released from her sophomore GIRL [...]

Maren Morris' latest single, "The Bones," is her second song released from her sophomore GIRL album. The song, written by Morris along with Laura Veltz and Jimmy Robbins, was inspired largely by her relationship with Ryan Hurd, even though they weren't quite married at the time.

"It was a day when I was writing in Nashville, and Laura brought the title, 'The Bones,'" Morris said while sharing the story behind the song. "She's always so good at bringing stuff like that to the table, and it's always like a weird title. That's why she and I get along so well is, I'm willing to get weird. But she also knows how to make it so sentimental and real life. We just started talking about how gracious we were with our relationships at the time. I was really feeling so solidified in my relationship with my then-fiancé and now husband, she was so feeling so amazing with her marriage and her children. Jimmy just found out that his wife was pregnant.

"It was just like we all were super solid with our partners, and so writing this song about the bones of a house – even if a hurricane comes, a storm, the wolves come, the structure of the house is still standing," she continued. "The foundation is still there, so you can rip it down to the studs and the foundation of this relationship isn't going anywhere."

Hurd is also a singer-songwriter, with the two of them initially meeting to co-write together. It was Hurd who Morris relied on when she was narrowing down songs for her eclectic, and bold, sophomore GIRL album.

"I really trust his opinion, especially if I have a new song that maybe we didn't write together, I always play him the mix the second I get it back, because I really trust his ear," Morris told Country Living. "I love that we're such different artists … But he's always been my biggest fan when it comes to my music and vice versa."

Hurd remains Morris' biggest supporter, especially as her career continues to explode.

"I think that's why I gravitated towards him in the beginning, because he's such a dork and he makes me laugh and is, obviously, very good looking!" Morris said. "We're just always joking around. I think, sometimes, you can take your job too seriously, especially [being] under a magnifying glass as an artist, so it's nice to be with someone who gets exactly what you're doing and can talk you down if you're having a bad day and is just right there with you. He's that for me."

Photo Credit: Erika Goldring/WME IMG