Maren Morris Releases 'The Bones' From Upcoming 'Girl' Album

Maren Morris just dropped a new song, "The Bones" from her upcoming GIRL album! The song was written by Morris, along with Jimmy Robbins and Laura Veltz.

"The Bones," which includes such lyrics as, "When the bones are good, the rest don't matter and "When there ain't a crack in the foundation, baby, I know any storm we're facing will blow right over while we stay put," could have been inspired by the singer's relationship with her husband, Ryan Hurd.

"I've been in this amazing relationship and I got married in the time that I've written and started recording this album," Morris told Country Living. "The new record, it has a lot of love in it. I don't shy away from topics [like love], so I'm really excited for people to hear it."

"The Bones" has a rhythmic, pop edge to it, which is to be expected considering that Morris hinted there would be more sounds than just country on her next album.

"There are songs on this album that are pop-leaning or even kind of '90s R&B, then there are moments that are very Carole King," Morris told PEOPLE. "I'm still very connected to my original roots, which are in my version of country music. I have to do me."

"I can't really try to sound like anyone else or be this pop star — I'm myself," she continued. "I definitely love pop music, and I'm constantly inspired by it as a songwriter, and I loved being a part of this cataclysm that was 'The Middle' for this past year. But I don't know that I can just waltz out the gate and be like, 'This is a pop record.'"

The Texas native had a lot of success with her freshman Hero project, but wanted to reach beyond her comfort zone with GIRL.

"My first record had a little bit of everything: country, R&B, soul, pop," Morris told Billboard. "That was just me trying things out and being inspired ... With this album, with the budget being a little bigger. I have orchestral vibes and strings on a few songs. There's a song on it that is straight up pop R&B. It's still me, though, because it's my songwriting, it's my voice.

"My voice strings everything together in a cohesive way," she continued. "I think 'The Middle,' and touring around the world the last couple of years, has made me see beyond the frame of the U.S. There are fans all over the world who love all kinds of music – and I'm one of them, so my album reflects that."

Download "The Bones" on iTunes. GIRL will be released on March 8, one day before Morris kicks off her Girl: The World Tour. Pre-order GIRL, and find a list of all of Morris' upcoming shows, by visiting her website.


Photo Credit: Getty imags/Chris Polk