Maren Morris Releases Powerful New 'GIRL' Video

Maren Morris just released the powerful new video for "GIRL." The song is the debut single from her upcoming sophomore album.

The video begins with Morris stating simply, "I think it just comes down to, we don't want more than anyone else, we want the same as everyone else." From there, the video, directed by Dave Meyers, shows women of various ages and ethnicities, going through several life experiences, from painting to dancing to arguing.

But it isn't until the second half, when a woman lights a car on fire and turns around to face the camera, that viewers are finally able to see their faces. The "GIRL" video ends with Morris saying, "Well, one of the hard things about being a girl, is having to always answer questions about why it's hard to be a girl."

"I feel like this video really emotionally represents those people that have felt disenfranchised," Morris told Nylon. "I hope that, when everyone sees it, they feel something and hit replay and watch it several times. Maybe it makes them look at the people around them differently and know that everyone's fighting an internal battle of their own."

Morris previously said that "GIRL" showed a vulnerability, which wasn't in her debut Hero record, but will be more prevalent in her next project.

"There's a line in the verse where it says, 'I don't like myself right now,'" Morris confessed to SiriusXM's The Highway. "That's a really tough message to admit, that I'm not killing it right now. I'm really not on my game. And I just need to accept that for today, and tomorrow is a new day.' I think that allows people to realize, just because you're an artist, doesn't mean that you're successful every single day, and you're celebrating that success every day.

"There's dark sides to everything," she continued. "I've had to do a lot of soul-diving this past year, personally and professionally. Getting married, and going into this new phase artistic-ness with this song, and this album."

The 28-year-old promises her new set of tunes will show both the highs and lows of the last four years, including her relationship with her husband, Ryan Hurd.

It's a yearbook; it's a time stamp of the last few years of my insanely chaotic existence and love life," Morris told PEOPLE. "I'm super proud of it. I've listened to it so many times. My husband has listened to it so many times. It's ready for everyone else to hear it and hopefully connect to these songs. I think they will."

Download "GIRL" on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/ Steve Jennings