Maren Morris Hints She Got Pregnant During Hawaiian Vacation With Ryan Hurd Over the Summer

Hawaiian air must agree with Maren Morris! Morris recently spent time in Hawaii, as part of the Maui Songwriters Festival, where she hinted that her last trip to Hawaii — when she recorded vacation footage of herself with Hurd for a video for "The Bones" — might have been where she got pregnant.

"I mean, I was here five months ago with my husband Ryan for vacation, and now I am mysteriously five months pregnant, so Hawaii must agree with me" she told Storme Warren on SiriusXM's The Highway.

Morris, who quipped in a social media post that she needed a "good virgin colada recipe," previously played at the Maui Songwriters Festival, but felt much more sure of herself this time around.

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"I feel kind of more settled in," Morris maintained. "The first time I was here, I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the island. And also, just performing in front of Willie Nelson and Steven Tyler, but this time I feel way more Zen."

Morris has had an unforgettable 2019, and not just because of her pregnancy. The Texas native took home the CMA Award for Album of the Year, for GIRL, and headlined her massive, and mostly sold-out, Girl: The World Tour. While she might seem to take it all in stride, Morris admits that isn't entirely the case.

"I am like a duck," said Morris. "On the top, I'm just gliding on the surface, and then underneath the water it's just a frenzy of activity."

Morris wasn't the only country artist who posted photos of the beachside getaway. Miranda Lambert also attended, sharing a few pictures of herself enjoying the tropical location, along with her husband, Brendan McLoughlin.

"Thank you [BMI] Songwriters Festival for having us back this year," Lambert wrote alongside the gallery. "Maui is a magical place. Playing music here with great friends is a dream. Headed home for family time."

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Morris and Hurd's son is expected to arrive in spring, since she previously revealed he is an Aries. As Morris continues to work on her next record, she is already preparing for her music to change now that she is a mother.

"I would assume that when I go into the writing room the next time, I'll be writing what's on my heart," Morris told and other media. "This little guy might be a big source of inspiration ... I had to write the day that I found out I was pregnant, and I will say, I was writing with the Love Junkies. They were the first people I told after I told Ryan, and they were just so excited. They're all mothers. And so we wrote a little song like to kind of commemorate the news. It might end up on the new record. Who knows?"


Photo Credit: Getty / Taylor Hill