Maren Morris Announces 'GIRL' Album to Be Released in March

Maren Morris is finally sharing the details of her third studio album! The singer revealed on social media that GIRL will be available everywhere next month.

"My new album GIRL, available March 8th," Morris shared on social media. "pre-order tonight at midnight EST."

Morris' latest single is the title track from the upcoming album, with the Texas native admitting the entire project was a challenge for her to create.

"I had major writers' block when I was trying to write the first songs of this new phase of mine," Morris confessed to PEOPLE. "That happens when you take time off though. You have to work that muscle out again."

Morris, who set chart records with her success on "The Middle" with Zedd and Grey, previously stated that her third project would have a lot of influences on it, covering a wide array of styles and genres.

"There are songs on this album that are pop-leaning or even kind of '90s R&B, then there are moments that are very Carole King," revealed the singer. "I'm still very connected to my original roots, which are in my version of country music. I have to do me."

"I can't really try to sound like anyone else or be this pop star — I'm myself," she continued. "I definitely love pop music, and I'm constantly inspired by it as a songwriter, and I loved being a part of this cataclysm that was 'The Middle' for this past year. But I don't know that I can just waltz out the gate and be like, 'This is a pop record.'"

"GIRL" was written by Morris as she was trying to articulate her feelings to a friend she was at odds with, before she realized that the person she was struggling with the most was herself.

"There's a line in the verse where it says, 'I don't like myself right now,'" Morris told SiriusXM's The Highway. "That's a really tough message to admit, that I'm not killing it right now. I'm really not on my game. And I just need to accept that for today, and tomorrow is a new day.' I think that allows people to realize, just because you're an artist, doesn't mean that you're successful every single day, and you're celebrating that success every day.

"There's dark sides to everything," she continued. "I've had to do a lot of soul-diving this past year, personally and professionally. Getting married, and going into this new phase artistic-ness with this song, and this album."


Pre-order will be available for GIRL at Morris' official website.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Chris Polk/ACMA2017