Country Artist Madeline Merlo Releases 'Kiss Kiss' Music Video, Calls Radio Success 'Unexpected Blessing' (Exclusive)

After already making a huge name for herself across Canada, country singer Madeline Merlo is [...]

After already making a huge name for herself across Canada, country singer Madeline Merlo is making waves in the U.S. and riding high from her win on NBC's musical competition, Songland. In addition to the reality TV honor, Merlo is also the first artist to have her song go straight to radio with Lady A's "Champagne Night." Following that success, the 26-year-old British Columbia native is also celebrating the release of her three songs: "Kiss Kiss," "If You Never Broke My Heart" and "It Didn't." In an exclusive interview with, Merlo shares her excitement over having released the new music video for "Kiss Kiss," adding how fans who have sent her messages expressing their connection to the song has "been such a light in my life."

"The idea behind 'Kiss Kiss' was a pursuit of a girl by a boy at a masquerade party fueled by neon lights and broken hearts," Merlo said when asked what was the idea was behind the colorful music video. Throughout the three-minute video, Merlo is seen sporting a gorgeous glow in a series of outfits as she sings about "a broken heart" then meeting "someone else with a broken heart" as they get through the tough times together.

Previously speaking to PopCulture about the three songs, she says her fans have taken kindly to the new hit saying, "Fans have really loved 'Kiss Kiss' and it's been such a light in my life receiving messages about people connecting to the song. It was a step into a new place sonically and I'm so happy my fans were willing to go there with me."

Merlo previously described her songs being a trio that goes in order from heartbreak to closure. In the meantime, riding the success she's gained from having one of her songs be something she can hear on the radio has been an "unexpected blessing."

"To get in my car in Nashville and hear a song that I wrote on the radio is truly a gift that Lady A and Songland has given me," Merlo gushed. "The entire experience was so precious to me and it feels so validating to be recognized as a writer by my country community."

Although 2020 has been a tough year for millions around the world, the music industry is still finding ways to give fans a little escape from all the crazy. Merlo says she actually has some pretty exciting things in store for fans in the upcoming months. "There are so many exciting things on the horizon for me and my music. The songs I'm writing now are more fearless, honest and more Madeline that anything I've done before. I cannot wait to share them with everyone," she detailed.

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