Maddie & Tae Open up About Very Personal Next Album (Exclusive)

Maddie & Tae just released Everywhere I'm Goin', the second of three EPs the duo, made up of Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye, plan on releasing as part of their upcoming full-length album. The music, their first on Universal Music Group, is both personal and brave, with the women choosing to take risks instead of play it safe for their next set of tunes.

"Inspiration for our music comes from everything," Dye told in an exclusive video, while Maddie & Tae performed at Live in the Vineyard. "Basically it mainly comes from our live shows, but it's fun. You just kind of get to observe your surroundings and live life. And it's cool that we actually get to take what's so personal to us and put it into music that relates to other people. So, it really is unfair that we get to call our lives a career because it's just so much fun."

Maddie & Tae drew on both their own experiences and artists they love, including those outside of the country genre.

"We were really inspired by Johnnyswim, for this album and so we really experimented with just overlapping vocals and ad-libbing, kind of, like the freedom of being a harmony band," Marlow said.

Maddie & Tae will have more time to focus on new music, now that they are off the road, which they admit is bittersweet.

"We just wrapped up the Cry Pretty Tour 360 with Carrie Underwood and Runaway June," Marlow noted. "We already are missing them and having some withdrawals, but we're just excited to take everything that we've learned from that tour and take it with us next year and all the years to come."

Part of what Marlow and Dye learned is how to balance everything in life, and do it all with excellence.

"I think one of the main things that was really awesome to see, Carrie, a woman, a mother, a friend, a boss, a CEO, an entertainer and all of those things and she just balances it so well," Dye noted. "And I think that's a goal of Maddie and me to have a family, one day. And so, it was nice to see that it is possible and you can do it with grace and still put on a really good show."

Maddie & Tae are taking all of their experiences, and their influences, into their sophomore record, which will autobiographical for both young women.

"We do have one more side of the project coming out early next year," hinted Dye. "So fans can be looking forward to that. It's gonna be a collection of 15 total songs. So, big ol' story that we're excited to tell. And it's just been fun, really, seeing it the way we have, 'cause we've gotten to kind of dive in to each section and spend a lot of time telling those stories and playing those songs out live. So, I think it will be awesome when the full thing's out but this has been a fun way to release it all."

Everywhere I'm Goin' includes a duet with Dierks Bentley, on "Lay Here With Me." Purchase the album at Maddie & Tae's website.


Photo Credit: Getty / Monica Schipper