Maddie & Tae Drop 'One Heart To Another' EP Days Before Joining Carrie Underwood on Tour

Only a few days before Maddie & Tae help Carrie Underwood kick off her Cry Pretty Tour 360, the duo, made up of Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye, has released their own One Heart To Another EP! The five-song album is their first record released on UMG Nashville.

"The amount of gratitude I feel towards our fans is indescribable," Marlow said in a statement. "We've waited four long years to release new music, and so have they. This EP is not only a collection of songs to us, but a reminder that dedication, passion, and perseverance always pays off. This feels so surreal, and it's only the beginning."

"This collection of songs is our unfiltered story and we're so proud to tell it," added Dye. "Over the past couple of years, we've experienced love, pain, redemption and everything in between. And we wouldn't change a thing."

One Heart To Another includes their current single, "Die From a Broken Heart."

"We wrote it with Jonathan Singleton and Deric Ruttan, two of our favorite writers in town," Marlow recently shared with and other media."They have another song on our record too; those are two writers that we really gelled with, because they love writing from a deeper place. So we just really connect with them on that. We walked into the write, and Jonathan actually had the title. We were like, 'How could we approach this? What's the most relatable way that we can make this?'

"We kind of started talking about what we were going through, because we wrote this right when we were about to start transitioning labels," she continued. "We were still in the in-between, and we were feeling broken, and feeling defeated at this point in our career. Maybe not like relationship, but in our career we were really, really having a hard time."

Underwood's Cry Pretty Tour 360, which also includes Runaway June as an opening act, kicks off on May 1, and both Marlow and Dye are eager to spend time with the country music superstar.

"Just being around Carrie Underwood, she's so inspiring and such a great human. She sings her freakin' a— off. It's just crazy being around someone like that ... She's just amazing and we have learned that she's freakin' hilarious. She's like a one liner person where she just gets ya."

"She's so normal and she's so sweet and kind," Dye continued. "I'm like, 'Do you know that you're Carrie Underwood? You are freakin' Carrie Underwood.'"

See a track list for One Heart To Another below. Order the project, and find a list of all of Maddie & Tae's upcoming shows, by visiting their website.

One Heart To Another Track List:


1. Friends Don't (Maddie Marlow, Taylor Dye, Jon Nite, Justin Ebach)
2. Die From A Broken Heart (Maddie Marlow, Taylor Dye, Jonathan Singleton, Deric Ruttan)
3. Tourist In This Town (Maddie Marlow, Taylor Dye, Barry Dean, Jimmy Robbins)
4. One Heart To Another (Maddie Marlow, Taylor Dye, Jonathan Singleton, Deric Ruttan)
5. New Dog Old Tricks (Laura Veltz, Jesse Frasure)

Photo Credit: Getty images/Monica Schipper