Luke Bryan Wants to Be Hosting Crash My Playa at Age 95

Since 2015, Luke Bryan has taken a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico every January to host Crash My Playa, a multi-day festival featuring performances from several modern country acts, including Bryan himself. Though there may come a day the American Idol judge no longer performs during the annual event, he hopes to always be involved in some capacity.

"Playa, I'll be a 95-year-old dude walking around wearing flip-flops, smoking a cigar," he said during a conversation with Country Radio Broadcasters president Kurt Johnson during the annual Country Radio Seminar earlier this month. "I hope I can do that forever. It keeps you young, keeps you on your toes. We love that." Bryan added that one of the things that makes him most "proud" about the fesitval is that "the artists come down and they have fun."

"I remember being the artist to go play festivals, and I remember going, 'Man, they're really not doing this properly,'" he explained. "Hillshire Farm deli meat for your main entrée probably isn't the way this ought to go. So the fact that we can go to Playa and I could have conversations with artists and go, 'Hey, man, where did we knock it out of the park?' And they're like, 'Dude, I'm just glad to be able to come play a couple songs and be in the sunshine.'"

It was at the 2020 Crash My Playa that Bryan filmed the music video for his recent No. 1 single "One Margarita," which starred his wife, Caroline, and his mom, LeClaire. "So we're groping one another and everybody's head-locking one another and giving each other wet willies on the video," he recalled. "And then things shut down." Bryan spent much of the past year with his family before returning to film the latest season of Idol, growing corn, taking bucket-list trips and going on dates with his wife.

"When I'm with my artist buddies, like Dierks [Bentley] and [Jason] Aldean, and we have children and families and stuff, I think we always envision having a year not touring," he said. "I think as long as I can write relevant music, record it, sing great and have songs on the radio, then I'm going to always be doing that. But I think touring is where you want to take some time off, and it's always about taking time off for the family." "When you plan taking years off, you plan it for family stuff," he added. "You never want to have to plan it for certainly what we had to plan it [for]."