Luke Bryan Reveals Why Jason Aldean Has Never Played Crash My Playa Before

Luke Bryan just announced Jason Aldean would headline one night of his upcoming Crash My Playa music festival, held in Riviera Cancun, Mexico Jan. 22 to 25. While Aldean seems like a likely choice to perform at the event, Bryan reveals this is not the first time he's invited Aldean, but it is the first time Aldean was able to commit to the January dates.

"Crash My Playa is the most enjoyable things I've ever done in my career," Bryan shared with his record label. "To get to go mid to late January down in Mexico, get a good suntan on and go sing your music and just have a big onstage party. The past couple of years, I have called my buddy Jason Aldean, and I think he's been having children. He's been doing stuff like that, and finally he's got a window where he's gonna make it this year, and I'm excited to hang with him down at the beach."

Bryan and Aldean, who co-own both the Buck Commander franchise and the upcoming E3 Chophouse restaurant, will likely perform together all three nights, at least if Bryan has his way.

"The beauty of having Jason is the night he's on stage, I can crash the stage and vice versa," Bryan said. "He and I can play some old songs he and I used to play when we were on tour together. So, it'll be real, real organic and authentic up there. It's just gonna be fun hanging with Jason in Mexico, and I'm so glad he signed on to be a part of it."

Bryan's 2020 Crash My Playa will be his sixth consecutive event, and might be the one Bryan is most looking forward to.

"I'm so appreciative that the fans have shown up and supported this destination concert weekend," Bryan said in a statement. "To have one of my best friends Jason join us this year means it's about to be epic!"

Bryan also shared his excitement on social media

"I'm so appreciative to the fans who have shown up and made returning to [Crash My Playa] for a sixth year possible," Bryan shared. "[Jason Aldean] being there is going to be epic. See y'all Jan. 22-25 at the new location, [Palace Resorts] [Moon Palace Cancun]."


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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Rick Diamond