Luke Bryan Releases 'What Makes You Country' Video

Luke Bryan has released the official video for his current single off his latest studio album of the same name, "What Makes You Country."

The video, which stars Bryan's nephew, Til, and his sons, Bo and Tate, along with a few of their friends, starts in a dark wooded area at night, when the boys want to go explore with their spotlight.

"What was the best part of the day?" Bryan asked his oldest son, Bo while sitting around a campfire.

"Best part of my day was catching the bass," the 10-year-old answered. The boys then ask if they can go play Spotlight, with Bryan reluctantly agreeing. As his sons and their young friends explore, they find a book called What Makes You Country, with scenes from the book playing out, including the boys playing in a field and getting muddy, as Bryan sings lines from the catchy tune.

"What Makes You Country" was written by Bryan, along with Dallas Davidson and Ashley Gorley, and inspired by his own personal experiences. The song, which was also the title of his latest tour, explains why Bryan was so adamant about staying true to who he is.

"What makes me proud to be country is the fact that I've navigated so many aspects of this career and held onto being country in a lot of ways," Bryan said earlier this month.. "I've gotten to follow all of my dreams and still remain true to who I am as a person. Be proud of what makes you country — there's room for everybody to be country."

The video, which was filmed on Bryan's farm just outside of Nashville, comes out shortly before Bryan will take time off to celebrate the holidays with his family, which includes one unlikely tradition.

“We have a pajama night and we do chili dogs on Christmas Eve, and we’ve always done that," the Georgia native shared. "My mother comes up and we go shop. She makes me go shop with her so we have to pick out all the right stuff. We have to get the proper buns, the proper wieners. It’s very important. All beef wieners for the chili dog cooking. It’s a ritual.


"So, we’re eating chili dogs in pajamas," he added. "It’s special anytime you can come up with fun traditions and hold true to them, so cooking chili dogs in a onesie is pretty special."

Photo Credit: Getty images/Scott Dudelson