Luke Bryan’s Mom LeClaire Receives COVID-19 Vaccine

Luke Bryan's mom LeClaire is one of the growing number of Americans to have received a COVID-19 vaccine, sharing on Instagram last week that she has been vaccinated. The 73-year-old shared a photo of herself sitting in a car and wearing a mask as a healthcare worker prepared to administer the shot into her right arm.

"My old butt just got my Covid-19 vaccination," LeClaire captioned the snap. "Yea good luck to all. God bless everyone." In a response to one of her followers, she confirmed that the shot was her first dose of the vaccine. When another fan wondered why the healthcare worker was "holding the needle at that angle," LeClaire wrote, "She was cleaning my arm. Shot was not at an angle. Trust me."

LeClaire is one of the millions of people in the United States who have received one or both of their vaccine doses after Pfizer and Moderna began distributing their vaccines at the end of 2020. According to Bloomberg, a total of 9.94 million doses have been given in the US and at least 636,172 people have completed the two-dose vaccination regimen.

At age 73, LeClaire is in the eligible age group in her state. In October, she celebrated her birthday with a surprise from her family, who she wasn't expecting to see. In videos posted on social media, Bryan, his wife Caroline and their two sons, Bo and Tate, were in the car together discussing the surprise they were about to pull off, which Caroline documented on her Instagram page.

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"So we're riding around the block to surprise momma for her 73rd birthday," Bryan said in a video a few slides into a carousel Caroline posted celebrating LeClaire. "She has no clue that we're here in town, she's gonna die," Caroline said as her husband added, "She is going to flip out. It's going to be awesome." The previous video was of a shocked LeClaire receiving hugs from her grandsons as Bryan asked her, "We gotcha, didn't we?"

On her own page, LeClaire posted a shot of her son riding a motorized scooter and smoking a cigar. "Appears Luke had a ball on my fun birthday I ever had," she wrote. "We had a blast."