Luke Bryan Shares a Look Into His Life With 'Born Here, Live Here, Die Here' Video

Luke Bryan released his latest album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here, on Aug. 7 and shared the music video for the title track at the same time, giving fans an up-close look at his life with the black-and-white clip. The song is an ode to the narrator's hometown, and the music video intersperses clips of Bryan in the recording booth and on stage with footage of the star and his family, including his wife, Caroline, and their two sons, Bo and Tate.

"So many amazing memories packed into 3 minutes," Bryan wrote on Instagram about the video. In another post, he added, "This song is about being happy where you are and this video is full of memories of just that. I hope you enjoy it!" Along with clips of Bryan's life, the video also tributes his hometown of Leesburg, Georgia. In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Bryan said that the song reminds of his friends at home, acknowledging that he is "the one that left."

"If you really want to break it down, I guess I could be called a hypocrite," he mused. "But I think about all my friends back home; I watch them living their life, enjoying the rivers and the lake and the woods. They ask me, 'What's Manhattan like? What's L.A. like?' But they don't want any part of that — they just want to hear about it from me. Whether they want to call me out for leaving, I'm not really worried about that. I'm more concerned with them going, 'That song is who I am.'"

"A lot of the inspiration, certainly for the title track, is about growing up in a small town, a very rural environment," he added to Today. "'Born Here, Live Here, Die Here,' is a song that's about my hometown, Leesburg, Georgia, a very, very rural, small little town, farming community. So many of my friends and even my dad, they love that town. They work, they get up, drink their coffee, work all day, go home and kick their feet up and they're just content, happy being there. This song pays homage to all the small town people out there that love and worship every aspect of their small town."


Born Here, Live Here, Die Here is Bryan's seventh studio album, and the American Idol judge shared that the project was in the works for "a couple of years" now. "This album checks a lot of boxes," he said. "All the songs don't sound the same, and that's what I always want in an album... an album that each song paints a picture, creates its little movie and kind of stands apart."