Luke Bryan Leaves the Halloween Costumes to Wife, Caroline

Luke Bryan loves dressing up for Halloween, but what he wears is determined by his wife, Caroline. [...]

Luke Bryan loves dressing up for Halloween, but what he wears is determined by his wife, Caroline. The 42-year-old reveals it's Caroline who decides what he and his sons, Bo and Tate, wear and the more embarrassing, the better!

"My tradition for Halloween is Caroline picks the outfit," Bryan revealed. "I never know what I'm wearing ...One year I dressed up as the old lady, and she dressed up as, she called herself a dirty old man. So, she went around acting like an old man saying snide comments to everybody. That was a fun one. The main thing is Caroline, she loves Halloween and always has."

Bryan makes sure everyone has fun on Oct. 31, but especially the children.

"That day, I'll talk to the neighbors 'cause I have a tractor back there and I'll go get my tractor and get a big long trailer, and then I'll run down to – a couple miles from the farm, we've got a big hay farmer that keeps hay, and you run in there and pay him for his hay bales," Bryan said. "And I'll load the hay up and get the hayride ready and we'll take all the kids behind the tractor and have a fun Halloween with all that."

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The singer recently shared a picture of himself in a costume, alongside his American Idol judges, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, on the set of Live With Kelly and Ryan, the morning talk show hosted by Kelly Ripa and Idol host Ryan Seacrest. But while the animal costumes were humorous, Bryan takes his job on the reality TV talent show very seriously.

"Second season of Idol – I'm more excited this year because I know what to expect," Bryan explained. "I'm not going to be scared the whole time. The fact that me and Lionel and Katy and Ryan we have one season under our belt, we know how much we can have fun with one another. We know how serious the contestants take it. We're excited. I know we're more excited than last year, just because we know what to expect. It's gonna be a lot of surprises and a lot of fun."

Bryan just wrapped up his What Makes You Country Tour, and hints that fans might see a little less of him in 2019.

"We knew when I took on Idol that it was going to take up a lot of my off-season time," Bryan acknowledged. "Next year, I'm probably going to trim a few dates off the tour. I just kind of need to settle in that mold of not doing 100 shows a year and scale back a hair."

The Georgia native instead wants to focus more on his sons, as well as his nephew, Til, who lives with Bryan.

"I've got to start looking at like baseball schedules because my boys are getting to where, in the Spring, they are playing baseball," he continued. "They are old enough to know that Dad's halfway across the world."

Bryan's next scheduled performance is at his annual Crash My Playa event, which kicks off on Jan. 23 in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Find more information at

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