Luke Bryan's Fame Hilariously Gets in the Way of a Present for His Wife Caroline

When Valentine's Day rolls around, Luke Bryan wants to be the one who purchases the gift for his wife, Caroline Bryan, although his fame sometimes gets in the way. The Georgia native typically purchases an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen for Caroline, even if the people decorating the cake can't get past the fact that they are making it for one of country music's reigning superstars.

"I don't want to send someone who works for me to get the cake; it's not the point," Bryan recalled to PEOPLE. "I walked into the Dairy Queen and the girl behind the counter was shocked, like, 'What are you doing here?' She was a little starstruck."

"So I asked her, 'Can you write, 'Happy Valentine's Day Caroline' on the cake?'" he continued. "Well this is like he third year in a row I've gone and they mess up. They can't write it out because they're shaking so bad! We have fun with it."

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The ice cream cake wasn't the only thing that didn't go as planned for the romantic occasion. Caroline was also struck with the flu, which was even worse because her husband was out of town while she was ill.

"I was home and she started running a fever," recalled the singer. "I'm a hypochondriac. I was like, 'Oh my God I'm gonna get it!'"

"I had to go do press for American Idol," he continued. "So, somehow, I left her, and she laid in bed for literally four days. I've never seen her lay in bed for more than one day. I go do press, come back … she's still got the flu. We had originally planned to not have a big, elaborate Valentine's Day anyway, but her having the flu made it funny in its own way. She's better now!"

The couple usually spends time around Valentine's Day in a nice hotel in downtown Nashville, but thankfully, Caroline had already squashed those plans before getting sick.

"She came to me a week before Valentine's Day and said, 'Listen, we've been busy, you're busy, don't plan anything elaborate,'" Bryan recalled.


Fortunately, Caroline is all better now, which is good since her husband is in full Idol mode. The show airs on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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