Luke Bryan Didn't Give Blake Shelton His New Phone Number

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton have been friends for years, but it seems Bryan forgot to update Shelton on one important change to his life recently, joking to Entertainment Tonight that he neglected to give Shelton his new phone number.

"I've been texting him, we've been trying to work out some funny stuff... and I had changed my number, and he spent two months texting my old number," he cracked. "So whoever's got my old number, it was Blake Shelton. If there were misspelled words, and bad vernacular and grammar problems, [it was] definitely Blake."

In fact, Bryan added that he's ready to move on from his friendship with The Voice coach.

"I don't wanna talk about him anymore," he said. "I don't feel like I need to boost Blake's career with my time on TV."

Shelton wasn't in attendance when Bryan opened the CMA Awards on Wednesday with his song "What Makes You Country," with the singer telling ET that he no longer gets nervous when it comes to such big events.

"The first time I performed 'Country Girl (Shake It For Me),' I was panic attack central," he recalled. "Can't breathe, you know, where it feels like your cheeks are locking up, your face is numb and I had to go out there and sing for my life."

"Now I'm just a seasoned vet," he continued. "I get a little overly excited and amped-up, so I have to take me a nice little breath, and shoot me some whiskey backstage."

While Bryan didn't take home a trophy during Wednesday's ceremony, the 42-year-old joked during PeopleTV's red carpet broadcast that he has plenty of other awards to admire.

"I mean, it's the basis and the nucleus of why I tour. I do it for self-gratification. It's what I live for," he deadpanned. "Just, every morning, I eat my Frosted Flakes and I stare at my awards!"

After spending the year on the road on his What Makes You Country Tour, Bryan will head back to the judges' chair for the next season of American Idol, telling PEOPLE that he always appreciates when prospective contestants perform authentically.


"I think the biggest advice is to be yourself," he said. "We've seen people come in that aren't the best singers in the world, but they're so original and authentic, and you can't take your eyes off of them. So just be yourself. Follow your heart always."

Photo Credit: Getty / Kevin Mazur/Billboard Awards 2014