LoCash on Their Recent Success: 'Dreams Do Come True'

LoCash are on a winning streak. The duo, made up of Preston Brust and Chris Lucas, earned a gold certification, for sales of more than 500,000 sales and streams, for their latest single, "I Know Somebody," from their 2016 The Fighters album. The song, which followed their hit, "I Love This Life," also became LoCash's first No.1 single, and is only part of what the guys say has been a whirlwind season for them.

"The past two years have definitely changed our lives," Lucas tells PopCulture.com. "It's been 12 years of hard work, and losing just about everything we could lose, and then finally getting to where we're going. It shows you dreams come true ... It's unbelievable. I just had my third child, so it's like my brain is going crazy."

LoCash, who were nominated for a CMA Award for Vocal Duo of the Year (with the award going to Brothers Osborne), will next release "Don't Get Better Than That," to kick off 2018. The song, which they say is a lot like "I Love This Life," will be out around the first of the year.

"It's one of those things that puts smiles on everybody's faces," adds Lucas. "That's what we love to do. My favorite thing in the world is jumping on the stage, and seeing someone sing something with a smile, for those three minutes. This song does it, and we're super pumped about it."

LoCash will also have a new set of tunes next year as well, which they are already eager to share with their fans, even though it's unfinished.

"We're recording it right now," Brust says. "'ll tell you what, when that new album comes out, we're gonna be excited to share it with everybody."

As if a new single and new album weren't big enough New Year's resolutions, LoCash have one more thing they hope to accomplish, and it has nothing to do with music.

"We're going to start working out," Lucas insists. "We're going to try to look like Tim McGraw by the end of the year."


LoCash might have trouble squeezing time to exercise into their busy schedule. The pair have a long list of tour dates lined up over the next few months. A list of all of their upcoming shows is available on their website.

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