LOCASH Is 'Fired Up' About Upcoming New Album on New Record Label

LOCASH, the duo made up of Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, released their debut album in 2008, under their former name, LoCash Cowboys. Since then, the guys have been on a few different record labels, including Reviver Records, where they released their last The Fighters album, which included their first No. 1 hit, "I Know Somebody."

As LOCASH prepare to release their next album, this time on Wheelhouse Records, a division of Broken Bow, the debut single, "Feels Like a Party," is rapidly climbing the charts, hinting that their best days are likely still ahead of them.

"This is the fastest climbing single we've ever had," Lucas told PopCulture.com. "We've had three hits and now this will be the fourth. It's about to go Top 40, and BBR and Wheelhouse are killing it for us."

"We are fired up about it," Brust added. "We just turned our album in. We're excited about the music, and they're excited about the music."

LOCASH made the difficult decision to switch record labels because of how quickly their career is exploding.

"We kind of hit the glass ceiling over there, and we had some great success," Brust explained. "It was time to grow. Broken Bow is a major label, BMG and Broken Bow. It was our shot at big-time growth. We're always trying to take our career to the next level, and it was the natural move for us."

LOCASH is also headlining their own Pepsi Tailgate Tour, playing in football stadiums and arenas all over the country.

"It's an amazing experience," Lucas boasted. "We're hitting all these NFL stadiums, and some college, too. We've been able to throw the football on the field, meet some of the players, and just bring country music into the NFL. It's fantastic. It's a good fit."

As if playing in large stadiums all over the country wasn't gratifying enough, LOCASH recall one especially meaningful performance that will always remain one of their personal highlights.

"We played the half-time show for the Patriots and Packers, during the Salute to Service, so we had all the military in front of us," recalled Lucas. "It was definitely a pinch-me moment. I'll never forget that night."

LOCASH's next album is scheduled for a spring release, but the band members are already eager to share their new music with their fans.

"A lot of positivity," promised Brust of their next set of tunes. "A lot of love songs. A lot of country songs. There's some country retro sounds on this album. I can't wait for everybody to hear. We got Tyler Hubbard and Corey Crowder producing it, and co-writing some songs ... We just went straight to the top and begged them, and they said, 'Let's do it.' We've been friends a long time, so it was a natural evolution, from the songwriting into the studio, and start cutting vocals. It worked. It felt great."

Download "Feels Like a Party," and find a list of all of their upcoming shows, by visiting LOCASH.com.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Mat Hayward