Lindsay Ell Offers Helpful Suggestions for Those Quarantined Because of Coronavirus

Celebrities are not immune to being quarantined in their homes due to coronavirus, including Lindsay Ell. But while she — like plenty of others — is feeling the frustration of social distancing, the "I Don't Love You" singer is offering a few helpful suggestions for others who are already tired of being confined.

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"We may all be sitting on our couches," Ell wrote on Instagram. "Trying to find peace of mind. Maybe trying to figure out how to pay rent next month. Maybe trying to support your community while feeling like you can't do anything at all. Trying to not lose your mind after a little self induced silence (cause know I am....). But it all starts with mindset.

"And in my mind, I am here," Ell, who will turn 31 on March 20, continued, pointing to her photo of a more relaxing time in her life. "And the rest falls together after that. I will be celebrating my birthday quarantined on insta live. Friday. 6pm CST."

Ell is putting the finishing touches on her next album, which she promises will be very vulnerable, partly because she feels like it has to be for it to get noticed.

"I think as female artists right now in the format, I always believed that females need to work a little harder for the same job, regardless of what industry, walk of life," Ell told "It's just kind of the way it is right now, which is fine. I'm not even complaining about it. I'm just stating a fact, almost. Being a female artist, specifically in country music, I feel like you need to be a little bit more honest, a little bit more real, a little bit more raw, a little bit more defined. Every female needs to carve that lane and carve their own groove out, more than male artists."


"That's the only way you're going to have a voice that cuts through," she continued. "I feel like you're seeing a lot of that from a lot of female artists in the format right now, because that's the way we really share ourselves with our fans and with the country music family, is we get pretty real. We say things that arguably, a guy may not. We're like, 'No, we don't have time for that anymore. This is getting right down to it.'"

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