Levi Hummon Releases 'Change My Life' as New Single

Levi Hummon is back with a brand-new single! The singer-songwriter released "Change My Life," a catchy uptempo tune, was written by Hummon, along with hit songwriters Phil Barton and Lindsay Rimes.

"'Change My Life' is one of my favorite songs to play live and it's a great introduction to the new music I've been working on in the studio," Hummon tells PopCulture.com. "I really went for it from a production stand point and I feel like it sticks out from the rest of my music. It feels summer-y and fun, but also strums on the heart strings and reminds me of young love. I'm excited to follow up this single with an EP later this fall."

"Change My Life," which says, "Let me pick you up sometime, drive you around / Let me kiss you goodnight and keep on thinkin' out loud / Let me hold your hand, let me buy you wine / Let me let you, let me let you change my life," was inspired by thinking of simple, uncomplicated relationships.

"'Change My Life' was one of those songs that wrote itself," Hummon says in a statement. "It's the story of how a simple act in love can lead to your whole life changing forever. A first date, a first kiss, just driving around with nowhere to go can be the start of something that lasts forever. I wanted it to feel fun and lighthearted and have that feeling of innocence. I knew it was special the first time I played it live in Chicago and saw fan's reactions. It was awesome!"

Hummon is the son of Grammy-winning songwriter Marcus Hummon, and Becca Stevens, an Episcopal priest who created Thistle Farms, a nonprofit organization that helps female survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction. The 27-year-old says he feels his mother's influence in his music as much as his father's.

"She always preaches this idea of love and compassion and peace, and to me that kind of exists in my music where I carry that ability to love one another," Hummon tells Nashville Noise. "I always want to put on the best show for my fans and be out there at the merch table meeting people after and just spreading that same joy that they bring to me when I'm on stage."

"Change My Life" is currently available for download on iTunes. Find more information about Hummon by visiting his website.


Photo Credit: EB Media/Kate Dearman