Lee Brice Reveals His COVID-19 Symptoms: 'My Taste Got Weird'

Lee Brice was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this month. While he was largely symptom-free, the singer experienced one of the side effects that many people with the novel coronavirus have noticed. "My taste kind of just got weird," he told KMLE 107.9's Gunner & Cheyenne. "It made things taste completely different. Like metallic."

"Biscuits and gravy tasted like Comet," he added, referencing the popular disinfectant. "Use your imagination," he added when Gunner and Cheyenne wanted to know how he knew what Comet tasted like. Brice previously told PEOPLE that while he initially "didn't feel anything" after his diagnosis, there was one night where he "woke up all wet." "I wasn't shivering and I don't think the fever got high, but I did wake up feeling like I sweat out a fever or something," he recalled. "The singer said that he felt "fine" for the rest of his time in quarantine, comparing the rest of his experience to "a very mild cold or allergies."

The South Carolina native spent his quarantine in his barn down the street from his house, where he was kept company by a new member of his family, a charcoal lab named Charlee.

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While he was quarantining in the barn, his wife, Sara, was at home with their three kids, sons Takoda, 12, and Ryker, 6, and daughter Trulee, 3. "She's stuck at home with them and she wants to go workout and do all this," Brice told RADIO.com's Katie & Company, adding that his wife had sent him "homemade soup" and "a bunch of vitamins and all these minerals and stuff, essential oils and crap. I did everything she asked me to do."

The 41-year-old took a moment to reflect on his experience in 2020 in an Instagram post on Thanksgiving, posting a photo of his family sitting together on a porch swing.


"So Grateful today for this year and all of the amazing and unpredictable gifts that have come along with it," he wrote. "The reflection, the appreciation, the ability to be present in the moment. A break from the unhealthy pace that we were all striving to keep up with. I'm most grateful for air in my lungs and another day to breathe in God's Grace. My family. My wife. My boys and little girl that's got me wrapped around her perfect little finger."

He also thanked his fans, concluding, "I can never express enough, how much gratitude I have for the loyalty and support y'all have shown me. Thank you!
Happy Thanksgiving!"