Lauren Alaina Talks Recruiting Trisha Yearwood for 'Getting Good' Duet

Last month, Lauren Alaina released an updated version of her recent single "Getting Good," which featured Trisha Yearwood in a new duet. During an appearance on The Bobby Bones Show last week, Alaina opened up about how she asked one of her idols to sing with her, revealing that she got the idea after she was a guest on Yearwood's Food Network show, Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

"She sang 'Getting Good' to me when we were in the kitchen and then afterwards I was like, 'Thank you for singing my song, that was really cool. And she said, 'I'll sing with you anytime. If you ever want me to sing a song with you, let me know.'" Alaina shared that she waited "about two weeks" before calling Yearwood to officially extend the invitation. "I called her and said, 'Hey, remember when you said that you would like sing with me sometime? Do you think you could do 'Getting' Good?'" Alaina recalled. "I called her on a Friday, I think, and she called me back Tuesday and said she would do it."

"I just love the sentiment of this song," Yearwood said in a statement when the duet was released. "We all have these dreams. What you learn, is it's not the goals that you reach that are the things you're really going to remember, it's the journey all along the way. So that lyric – once I learn to grow right where I'm planted, maybe that's when life starts getting good – that's the truth. That's the life lesson."

"I'm so thankful that I get to share such an important message with one of the most important and impactful voices in my life," Alaina added. "Trisha is a beautiful person inside and out. I'm honored she said yes to this song and to me. I'm learning to grow right where I'm planted, and I'm realizing, life's already good."


"Getting Good" originally appeared on Alaina's EP of the same name that was released in March. Last week, the 25-year-old announced that she will be releasing a second EP this year, with Getting Over Him arriving on Sept. 4. Alaina released the first song from the EP, "Run," on Friday, and will release two more before the EP arrives. "Music is my lifeline," she said in a statement. "Music literally pulls me out of everything I ever go through [career, heartbreak, family, self-worth, love] and I feel really empowered with this music."