Lauren Alaina's New 'Baby' Is a Puppy Named Opry

Lauren Alaina added a new member to her family last month, bringing home a Goldendoodle puppy named Opry. Opry made her debut on Alaina's Instagram page on Christmas Day, when Alaina posted a slideshow of photos from the pair's recent trip to, appropriately, the Grand Ole Opry.

The first snap was a shot of Alaina holding Opry on the Grand Ole Opry stage, which was decorated with trees, lights and garlands for the holiday season. The next three photos were solo shots of the pup, who was wearing a tiny cowboy hat and a bandana as she explored the venue on stage and backstage.

"Everyone paws what you're doing and meet my sweet baby girl, Opry," Alaina wrote. "I'm pretty sure this is the cutest [Opry] debut to date." She also noted that Opry now has her own Instagram account, [Grand Ole Opry], and a quick trip to the page revealed that, like her mom, Opry is also a fan of a good pun.

"My mom loves me so much she can hardly stand it," reads the caption of the pup's latest post, a photo of Alaina hugging Opry while standing on a beach.

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Alaina first performed at the Grand Ole Opry in June 2011, shortly after she competed on American Idol, and she has graced the famed stage numerous times in the years since. On Sunday, the Georgia native used her own Instagram Story to post a video of herself and Opry cuddling set to Tim McGraw's "My Little Girl."

The "Getting Over Him" singer recently opened up about being a dog mom while speaking to Caroline Hobby on the podcast Get Real with Caroline Hobby. "I have a baby," she told Hobby, showing off Opry. "I named her after the Grand Ole Opry."

"I played the Opry on the 19th [of December], which is the day that I got her," Alaina explained. "I took her on stage and got a picture of her in the circle at the Grand Ole Opry. She made her Opry debut."


"I don't have babies and I've never really raised a dog since I was a kid in my parents' house," the 26-year-old said, adding that she understands "why moms need nannies." "I need a puppy nanny," she joked. "I can't bathe, I can't wash the dishes... I can't do anything because she's right there with me."

"I am obsessed with her already," she continued. "You love them the minute you bring them home."