Larry Stewart and Pam Tillis Team for New Version of 'All I Want for Christmas Is You'

Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is one of the most famous holiday songs of the modern age, and numerous artists from all genres have put their spin on it over the years. This year, Larry Stewart and Pam Tillis added another country version to the canon, covering the song for Stewart's first-ever holiday album, Everyday Is Christmas.

"When I realized we needed more up-tempo Christmas love songs for my album Everyday Is Christmas, we came up with this Mariah Carey song ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You,'" Stewart said in a statement. "It's just an amazing standard. But, I wanted to do something different, so I asked my friend Pam Tillis, who I sang and recorded with before we even had record deals, if she would do a duet with me. There was no doubt she would do a great job. Well, did she ever! I knew our voices would mesh well together. She’s a pro! One of my favorite tracks."

"It's always great to sing with an artist you're a fan of, and I'm a longtime fan of Larry Stewart," Tillis added. "This is a song that I've heard forever but never imagined myself singing. Once I got into learning it, it was super fun. It should help bring some Christmas cheer to everyone."

Carey wrote "All I Want for Christmas Is You" with Walter Afanasieff, and the song first appeared on Carey's 1994 holiday album Merry Christmas. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019, breaking multiple records, and has sold over 16 million copies, making it the best selling Christmas single by a female artist and one of the best-selling singles of all time.


Everyday Is Christmas will be released on Oct. 23. Other songs on the project include covers of Céline Dion’s “Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day,” Michael Bublé’s “Cold December Night” and Carey’s “Miss You Most At Christmas Time” as well as Stewart's rendition of the holiday classic “What Child Is This.”

See the album's tracklist below and pre-order Everyday Is Christmas here.

  1. Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day (Peter Zizzo, Céline Dion, Rick Wake)
  2. This Christmas (Donny Hathaway, Nadine McKinnor)
  3. All I Want For Christmas Is You – with Pam Tillis (Mariah Carey, Walter Afanasieff)
  4. Miss You Most At Christmas Time (Mariah Carey, Walter Afanasieff)
  5. Everyday Is Christmas (Larry Stewart, Brent Rader, Lisa Matassa)
  6. Merry Christmas Darling (Frank Pooler, Richard Lynn Carpenter)
  7. Meet Me Under The Mistletoe (Brent Rader, Mark Johnson)
  8. Cold December Night (Michael Steven Bublé, Alan Chang, Robert Jens Rock)
  9. What Are You Doing (New Years Eve) (Frank Loesser)
  10. What Child Is This (William Chatterton Dix, Hal H. Hopson)