LANCO See Dream Come True With Opening Slot on Chris Young's World Tour

Chris Young's headlining Losing Sleep World Tour with LANCO serving as the opening act, hit the road this month. LANCO, made up of Brandon Lancaster, Chandler Baldwin, Jared Hampton, Tripp Howell and Eric Steedly, see a dream come true each night they take the stage, one they've held since they began playing together in the house they shared, long before they even had a record deal.

"We've always seen ourselves and dreamed about playing in arenas," Baldwin shared with at a recent media event. "We've always, even in tiny clubs, we played like we were playing an arena. I think we're all really excited to actually do that."

"When you're up there on stage, it's a conversation with you and the audience," Lancaster adds. "You're singing songs and they're listening or singing back to you. No matter how much time you get, you can definitely make the most of it and still have that conversation, have that experience and definitely leave an impression on fans."

Thankfully, all five LANCO members are also good friends, which is crucial when they cross the country in one bus.

"It's interesting sharing," Lancaster says. "That's your living room and where you're hanging out, and also where you're going to sleep, and where you're getting ready for bed, and all of those things. We're lucky though. We're all pretty different; we get along, we don't invade each others spaces too much.

Along with the chance to perform each night, LANCO also look forward to hanging out with Young and fellow opening act, Kane Brown.

"On days that we have shows, we're pretty tame," Howell reveals. "We don't do a whole lot before a show. Some of us will write, some of us will work out, some of us will explore. [Brandon] likes to explore. Brandon knows where every coffee shop is, so does Chandler. Guys will go out and find something good to eat and then after the show, it's just a lot of hanging out.

"We do love country music, so we'll go catch a bit of their show and then maybe hang out with them for a few hours," he continues. "We pretty often end up back on our bus after the show with the other artists."

LANCO will experience another first this year, when they take a break from the Losing Sleep Tour and head overseas to play a few shows at the O2 in London in March.

"We are so excited," Lancaster shares. "What I'm really excited about is we get hit up on social media all the time from fans over there, for years, saying 'When are you coming over here?' and we finally are. It'll be really cool to meet some of them. I know we have fans over there and it looks beautiful, so I'm excited. I'm excited to explore over there and play some country music."

LANCO are playing songs from their upcoming album, Hallelujah Nights, out on Jan. 19, which includes their debut, No. 1 hit, "Greatest Love Story." Order the record on Amazon and iTunes.


Find a list of all of LANCO's upcoming shows on their website.

Photo Credit:Instagram/lancomusic