Lady Antebellum Teases Surprising Collaboration on Upcoming New Album

Lady Antebellum just dropped their new single, "What If I Never Get Over You," from their upcoming new album. The trio, made up of Hillary Scott, Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley, have yet to announce a title for their next set of tunes, but they do hint their might be at least one surprise collaboration on the record.

"This is the first time where we wrote a song that's just screaming for a collaboration," Scott revealed to Entertainment Tonight. "So now we're racking our brains as to who's going to be the right fit. We're going back and forth between wanting it to be a really classic legendary country artist or maybe someone newer who we're really great friends with, and it would feel really natural."

Lady Antebellum, who previously collaborated with Darius Rucker on his hit single, "Wagon Wheel," promise that their next project will be even more intimate than their previous six ones.

"This has been a way more personal process, especially from the songwriting standpoint," Kelley conceded. "It seems like the last record, we started really touching on some things and some honesty between us, the three of us as band, and what we want out of this career.

"Even since then, there's been even more crazy highs and lows that we've gone through as a band and in our personal life and I've definitely come out the other end with a much stronger connection with my spirituality and just an awareness of who I am," he continued. "There's a lot of songs other than the single that really do kinda dig into that. It's definitely kind of a layer is pulled back of us, the three of us, a lot more honest songwriting. I'm really excited for people to hear that."

Lady A may not have decided what genre their singing partner will be in for their new track, but they do promise that the album will have a bit of a throwback pop sound interwoven through the songs.

"I had really unearthed a lot of that Fleetwood Mac back catalog a lot lately," Kelley recently shared with and other media. "There's definitely a little bit of that kind of inspiration I think that's filtering in. That's kind of always what we tried to be was kind of a country Fleetwood Mac when we started, and it was always a compliment when we got to [CMT's] Crossroads with Stevie because she envisioned that, she said, 'I have always looked at you all as like the country Fleetwood Mac.' It was like, 'That was what we were going for,' so perfect."


Download "What If I Never Get Over You" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty / Roger Kisby